• Contact and General Info - contact, privacy, copyright, and search information.
  • Community Organizations - organizations that support people living with disabilities and people at risk.
  • Manitoba Education Resources - resources specifically from Manitoba Education.
  • IE Topic Resources - inclusive education topic resources (links, PDFs, scholarly journals)
  • Support Services - information about what services are available, and how to take advantage of them.
  • General Resources - information that may not fall into a particular category, but may still be useful for users of this wiki.
  • Social Role Valorization - ideas about supporting people who are marginalized in society, so they can live the same happy, healthy, productive life as typical members of society.
  • Disabilities - helpful links and resources for people living with physical, intellectual, and learning disabilities.


  • All pages will contain links to resources that provide general information about the topic. These links are a great starting point to find new information.
  • All IE Topic Resource pages will contain a list of peer-reviewed scholarly journals which provide more in-depth information about specific topics.
  • Some pages may contain links to reports, handbooks, or PDFs that contain information about the topic, which are not in the form of a webpage. These have been categorized separately to improve their visibility.